Warm Streets Communities

Supporting local groups for finding referrals to the Warm Streets scheme

Project duration: September 2009 to August 2012

The aim of this project was to stimulate local action on energy – specifically referals of households to the long-standing CSE-run insulation scheme, Warm Streets – through the agency of local community groups across Somerset, North Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset.

Warm Streets Communities provided a mix of funding and practical support for local groups signed up to the project.

The groups received payment for each successful referral to the insulation scheme, plus support from CSE in the form of energy awareness training for members, talks, presentations, action planning sessions, publicity materials, information sheets and help planning home energy audits.

Warm Streets helped householders apply for grants for free and subsidised home insulation. It was funded by Scottish and Southern Energy and the local councils listed above. Alongside loft and cavity wall insulation, the scheme also offered free and impartial benefit entitlement checks and energy efficiency advice.

Through establishing the network of local community groups, CSE aimed to support different ideas and approaches to community engagement.

A total of 13 groups across the region were chosen for the initial pilot project in 2009:

  • Axevale Consortium for Energy
  • Forum 21
  • Mendip Energy Volunteers
  • Pill and Community Warm Streets
  • Target 80
  • Taunton Transition Town
  • Transition Town Langport
  • Quantock Eco
  • Sustainable Backwell
  • Transition Portishead
  • Transition Wellington
  • Deane Energy Saver
  • Energy Efficient Widcombe

Water saving
From autumn 2010 to spring 2011, Warm Streets Communities also included a water-saving element in which seven of the groups gave out free energy saving showerheads in their local communities.


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