Wind workshops in schools

Looking at wind turbine design with young people

Project duration: January 2009 to May 2009

Thanks to funding from world-leading renewable energy engineering consultancy Garrad Hassan, CSE was able to run a short series of wind-power workshops in primary and secondary schools in and around Bristol.

The Garrad Hassan Wind Workshops encouraged students to experiment with the principles of wind turbine design.

Children between 7 and 11 were given the opportunity to design and produce energy from miniature wind turbines. Over the course of an hour, they were able to construct model turbines from various materials and set them to work using a desk fan. They could then investigate how the length, width and pitch of wind turbine blades affect the power output (measured using a small voltmeter), and through scientific enquiry were able to work towards perfecting their model wind turbines.

Similar sessions were held with older students.

As Beccy Waite of CSE’s education team  explained: “Through experiment and testing, the students learn how the energy of the wind can be transferred to a turbine, and how its design affects the amount of energy generated.”

In all over 400 primary-aged children from 15 Primary Schools across Bristol benefitted from the workshops which proved popular with pupils and teachers alike:

"I really enjoyed the workshop and think the children did too. This was part of 'reduce, reuse, recycle' and helped pupils begin to understand about energy reduction" said one teacher. "Thank you! The children thoroughly enjoyed the session – keep up the good work" responded another.

One pupil commented “Will you come again? If I had another 10 minutes we would have beaten the wind warriors”.

*© photo: ecotricity


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