Devon Wildlife Trust Miscanthus Statement

Investigating the potential of miscanthus and short-rotation coppice

Project duration: June 2007 to October 2007

The aim of the project was to assess geographically the potential for, and constraints on, the cultivation of 'woody' energy crops such as miscanthus and short-rotation coppice (SRC) willow in the county of Devon, along with the opportunities for using arisings from existing woodlands as an energy source.

This piece of work was commissioned by the Devon Wildlife Trust.

It is hoped that the results will provide the relevant stakeholders with a clearer understanding of the potential scale of energy crop production in Devon, and more detailed knowledge of the geographical distribution of the constraints to cultivation. This should be seen as part of the long term process of Devon's adaptation to the impacts, demands, and opportunities, created by climate change.

The outputs from this project are:

  • a GIS database containing maps of the resources, constraints, and opportunities relevant to the production of biomass from miscanthus, SRC willow, and arisings from existing woodlands across Devon
  • a non technical user-friendly hyperlinked Adobe PDF version of a set of key output maps from the GIS database, with an associated user help file (see links, right)
  • an in-depth report (see links, right, but note this is a large file that could take some time to download).

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