Every Action Counts

Aiming to help community groups, clubs and societies become ’future-friendly’

Project duration: April 2007 to April 2009

Every Action Counts (EAC) is an initiative, led by Defra, which aims to help community groups, clubs and societies across England become 'future-friendly'. This simply means running the group in a way that helps to minimise its impact on the environment, whilst operating in a way which is ethical and fair.

To do this EAC encourages community groups to undertake simple actions under five headings, namely: 'save energy', 'travel wisely', 'shop ethically', 'save our resources' and 'care for your area'.

There are four strands to CSE's involvement in this project, started in 2007:

1) Recruitment of Community Champions
CSE is helping to recruit members of the local community to attend a free two-day training course run by EAC. At the training, Community Champions learn more about the five areas that the EAC programme covers. They also receive an introduction to the tools and resources which are available through the programme. The hope is that these Community Champions will then inspire groups in their local area to take some simple actions on saving energy, travelling wisely, shopping ethically, saving our resources and caring for their area using action planning tools developed by Every Action Counts.

2) Recruitment of Community Groups
CSE is also working to encourage community groups to sign up to the Every Action Counts programme. EAC provides resources and games to help community groups take stock of their current performance as set out under the five key headings. The resources can then be used to identify the most appropriate actions for the group and create an implementation plan. A key part of the process is a web-based evaluator tool, which allows groups to plot their progress.

3) Making changes to the way we do things within CSE
CSE is using the Every Action Counts process to assess how we can improve our own performance in the five key areas. To do this we have developed a Sustainable Development Action plan which draws on our existing environmental policy.

4) Advising on case studies and resources
CSE is feeding into and commenting on energy related case studies and resources produced by other organisations within the EAC programme, and working to ensure that energy and climate related initiatives and materials are appropriately joined up.

The Every Action Counts programme seeks to build on the influence that the third (or community) sector has in the UK, providing a starting point for community groups that would like to reduce their negative environmental impacts and improve their ethical credentials.

Using the web based tools, community groups can assess their current position and develop a plan for improving their performance.

The whole scheme is designed to highlight easily attainable targets with big gains ensuring that communities should quickly begin to see results of their actions.

Update 2013 | The 'Every Action Counts' game is a great resource to help with your low carbon action planning. CSE has a copy you can borrow for free. Details here.


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