Market Transformation Programme Evaluation

Studying independent evidence of the efficacy of the Market Transformation Programme

Project duration: November 2006 to November 2007

The Market Transformation Programme (MTP) was established in 1997 with the core function of implementing a strategy to encourage products (and services) which do less harm to the environment, using less energy, water and other resources over their lifetime.

The general performance of the MTP is routinely monitored against a series of performance indicators, providing a general picture of progress made by the MTP in transforming markets in which it is working. This short study is designed to gather independent evidence of whether or not the MTP is delivering the service and benefits to users that it believes it is.

This short independent study collected the views and perceptions of active users of the MTP including government and industry. The evaluation focused specifically on a number of well established work areas where users have had a reasonable chance to engage and interact with the programme, and hence form considered views about it usefulness and worth.

As a separate strand the evaluation also explored the relationship of the programme with the research community (in particular NGOs and academics with an interest in consumer products generally, energy efficiency and waste reduction products and climate change/energy policy). In total, 40 interviews took place and a stakeholder workshop was held.

The research project resulted in a report of recommendations to the MTP, including a summary of the conclusions and recommendations emanating from the interview responses and the workshop.

*Photo: Energy Saving Trust

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