Local Carbon Management Matrix

Helping local authorities understand their influence on carbon emissions

The Local Carbon Management Matrix, which is available as a free download, is a self-assessment tool designed to help local authorities understand their influence on carbon emissions.

It aims to prepare them for the increased focus by Government on the quality of local authority performance on climate change issues.

The accompanying user-guidance explains why local and regional bodies should align their own activities with national efforts to curb carbon emissions, and outlines the opportunities for doing this.

The Local Carbon Management Matrix was originally developed by CSE for Defra.

The Matrix was updated to reflect recent policy developments and a new version published in March 2010 with support from the South West Regional Improvement & Efficiency Partnership. As part of the update we have also produced a special version created for county-level or Multi Area Agreement co-ordination. This can be used to collate the results from several districts.

The Matrix is now also being used by the Energy Saving Trust in its work, also funded by SW RIEP, to support local authorities across the SW region to improve their performance against the national indicator for local authority action on cutting carbon emissions.

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