North Devon Renewable Energy Action Plan Review

Reviewing the proposals for renewable energy development of two local authorities in Devon

Project duration: January 2005 to April 2005

In 2002, North Devon District Council jointly with Torridge District Council commissioned a Renewable Energy Action Plan (REAP).  The Action Plan, adopted in June 2002, assesses the available renewable resources and outlines the way in which renewable energy can be encouraged in both Districts.  Following the adoption of REAP, North Devon adopted a target of 10 MW of electricity or heat from renewable sources to be generated in the district by 2010.

The main aim of this project was to undertake a review of the REAP and recommend a revised renewable energy target if applicable.  A set of recommendations will then be proposed to implement the agreed target.

Phase One of the review consisted of an appraisal of the REAP in light of:

  • advancements in technology
  • changes in government policy
  • current economic viability of renewable energy technologies
  • Renewable Energy in Devon 2004 ñ 2007: a strategy and action plan and the current Devon RE target;

Alongside this, North Devon's energy consumption was profiled in order to make comparisons with the revised target. A stakeholder consultation event was held to gain feedback on the proposals and ideas on implementation. Phase Two of the work involved recommending a set of achievable actions that will deliver the council's (revised) target and the preparation of a costed implementation plan for those actions within the council's control.

For further information contact:

Martin Holley | 0117 934 1419


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