Somerset County Hall energy and waste audit

Assessing overall resource use, waste reduction, and energy and water consumption in Somerset County Council’s central building

Project duration: February 2004 to October 2005

The aim of this project was to conduct an environmental audit on Somerset County Hall in Taunton in order to assess overall resource use and waste reduction, as well as energy and water consumption issues.

The audit was undertaken as follows:

  • Desk-based analysis of energy and water use: the data analysis provided total annual energy consumption for County Hall, associated CO2 emissions and a demand profile. Annual energy consumption was stated in the form of an NPI (normalised performance indicator) and was compared against published benchmarks to obtain a comparative rating for the building
  • Site energy and water survey: a detailed energy survey of the site was conducted. This took the form of a ‘walk-around’ assessment of energy efficiency for equipment, building construction and operating practice, with discussions held with the facilities manager. An assessment of water consumption was also made, reviewing the potential for additional metering, grey water collection, low flow taps, variable flow toilets, etc.
  • Transport assessment: a desk-based assessment of CO2 emissions relating to staff transport was undertaken based on a previous survey carried out by Somerset County Council into broad work-related transport patterns of their staff
  • Waste audit: Network Recycling undertook a ‘snapshot’ basic waste audit covering the major waste streams produced by the site. Estimates were then made of the proportions of different waste streams generated within the building and by the different activities carried out .
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