Premises Recording Studio

Investigating the opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of a new recording studio

Project duration: January 2005 to April 2005

In 2005 CSE was approached by the Premises Music Business Centre of Hoxton in East London to recommend ways in which the environmental impact of their planned expansion could be reduced.

The Premises is a well-established music studios which at that time comprised of rehearsal spaces, tuition rooms, offices and workrooms for hire. Clients included top names in music including Nina Simone, Dave Brubeck, Lily Allen and Buena Vista Social Club.

The studios were being expanded with the addition of a recording suite and training facilities and the company was keen to incorporate sustainable energy measures in the design, construction and operation.

Following site visits by CSE’s Martin Holley, a list of options and recommendations to be considered during the design, construction and operation of the studio was put forward, covering both energy efficiency and renewable energy. These included:

  • improvements to the existing heating systems
  • energy efficient air conditioning
  • low-energy lighting
  • the use of appropriate building materials
  • the encouragement of good- practice by the facility’s users
  • installation of solar water heating and photovoltaics

Educational opportunities for the building’s users regarding the sustainable energy measures assessed were also explored.

The option that most excited the client was the possibility of powering the recording studio using an array of photovoltaic (PV) panels, and following the study, the Premises applied for a grant.

What happened next?

The Premises was successful in its application and proudly unveiled Europe’s first fully solar-powered recording studio in 2006.

The Premises managing director Julia Craik was delighted with the outcome: "These days more and more music artists are thinking about their carbon footprint so it was only a matter of time before a fully-fledged eco studio became a reality."

For further information contact:

Martin Holley | 0117 934 1419


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