Dorset Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Strategy

Potential renewable energy sources and energy conservation programmes

Project duration: January 2004 to November 2009

In 2004, CSE was commissioned by Dorset County Council to develop the Dorset Renewable Energy Strategy. The strategy aimed to get all stakeholders working together to put Dorset on a low-carbon path and tackle fuel poverty in the county.

The work, which was funded by the Government Office for the South West and Dorset Local Authorities, had two aims:

  1. Facilitate the delivery of the renewable electricity target for 2010 that was adopted through the REvision 2010 process (see
  2. Identify the potential resource and key opportunities and actions to harness renewable heat within the county by 2010

The project involved the following nine stages:

  1. Public Opinion Surveys on renewable energy
  2. Renewable Heat Resource Assessment
  3. Issues Paper on Renewable Electricity and Heat
  4. Consultation Event: A stakeholder workshop was held on 6 April in Wareham and was attended by over 80 people from local authorities, community groups and representatives of the renewable energy industry in Dorset
  5. Preparation of draft Renewable Energy Strategy and Action Plan Document
  6. Communication Strategy
  7. Ongoing support to local authority officers in Dorset to disseminate the strategy to elected members, with the aim of receiving their endorsement
  8. Managing consultation on the draft strategy
  9. Analysing options for a structure to coordinate and monitor delivery of the action plan

Dorset Energy Group (DEG) Group - a partnership including local authorities and the business, voluntary and health sectors - steered the strategy. The final version was published in December 2005 and it available to download here.

Following on from this success, CSE was enlisted in 2008 to develop an Energy Efficiency Strategy for the area. One again an in-depth consultation process was undertaken as a foundation for the final strategy. This included a detailed discussion paper that was distributed to over 100 stakeholders, a consultation event for 60 stakeholders and a written consultation.

The final Energy Efficiency Strategy was published in November 2009 is available to download here.

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