Celebrating International Woman’s day : #BreakTheBias

8 March 2022

The State of the nation report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Powerful women in 2020 highlighted the lack of representation of women in the energy industry. With 400,000 people required to be recruited over the next 30 years in the green energy sector to reach our net-zero targets, it is crucial that the voices are diverse and the fight against the climate emergency is inclusive of everyone.

This International Women’s Day, we wanted to highlight the amazing women who represent the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) in a huge variety of roles. From providing energy advice and support to vulnerable households, to undertaking innovative research, working with communities, local councils to influence net zero planning and policy.

Jenna Wilcox  

Retrofit Assessor and Coordinator

I work in the retrofit team at CSE, as a retrofit assessor and coordinator.  The main part of my role is carrying out surveys of people’s homes and creating plans to help them improve their energy efficiency.  I really enjoy being able to combine helping people with working through some interesting technical challenges. Plus, I get to visit people’s homes, which is always fascinating!

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some amazing women in retrofit, but I think it’s fair to say that it’s still quite a male dominated area.  I would love to encourage more women to get into it – the retrofit sector as a whole is going through some rapid changes at the moment, and is only going to get bigger, so it’s really important that women feel able to contribute. Most people in the UK are going to be affected by retrofit over the next decade, in one way or another, so having more women involved is absolutely essential!

Vic Wakefield-Jarrett

Senior Project Worker

Hi, I’m Vic and I work in the Local and Community Empowerment team at CSE. I support and amplify the work of groups up and down the country who are working passionately to address climate change and fuel poverty in their communities.

The energy sector is often dominated by market failures and a lack of national leadership. Engaging with the strength, determination, and resourcefulness of a diverse array of voices on a daily basis gives me hope that we can collectively tackle the climate crisis in a fair and just way.

Charlotte Strain

Communications Project Officer

My name is Charlotte and I work in the Communications team at CSE. I work on a wide range of projects, engaging with people about energy-related issues. I enjoy the variety of work I get to undertake and I'm constantly learning new ways to communicate with a range of people.

I feel proud to be a woman working in the energy sector and learning from other inspiring women within the field.

Mahnoor Kamran

Bright Green Future Alumni

I have spoken at multiple energy/environmental-related conferences and what is apparent is the generational gap of women’s participation in the green sector. I am fortunate to work alongside many women and non-binary people, but this is only limited to youth action/work and not professional jobs. However, what is even more appalling is the lack of women of colour in any roles, whether that be entry-level jobs or board member participation. I am yet to meet another woman that looks like me or practices the same religion as me, and I hope this changes!

Natasha Collins-Daniel

External Communications and Impact Manager 

I’m Natasha and I tell stories about our amazing work at CSE so more people understand what we do. I lead our strategic communications, making sure we’re part of the right conversations in the media, across socials, with our partners and through our own comms channels too. The best part of my role is all the brilliant and inspiring people I get to work with.

I’ve been working in the energy sector for around a year now. In my experience, I’ve found it to be a welcoming space. A bigger proportion of energy editors and correspondents on the national news desks are women, which is brilliant.  I’m also part of Regen’s REWIRE women in energy mentoring programme and I’ve been in a mentoring group with some really inspirational women in our sector. Our regular calls are so valuable to me and I genuinely feel a sense of mutual support and uplift from women supporting other women throughout the sector.

Janine Michael

Head of Development and Communications 

After working in sustainable energy for some 30 years I still find myself inspired and excited by my work every day.

As a young woman I took a leap to do a Masters degree in energy conservation and the environment, and pursue a career in energy – driven by a desire to work on practical and technical solutions to climate change. It turns out that was one of my better life decisions.

I love helping to design and set up projects that are helping to make the energy industry greener, smarter and fairer.  And I also love the fact that at CSE I get to work alongside so many other inspiring and capable women.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Nicky Hodges

Senior Researcher 

I’m Nicky. I am a senior researcher at CSE. My role involves producing evidence about ways to overcome challenges in the journey to a more just low carbon energy system. I enjoy working out who we should talk to and then hearing their views and examples from experience – whether in an interview or a group session.

It is great to represent CSE externally, being able to share our expertise. On International Women’s Day, I’ll be presenting at an All Party Parliamentary Group event alongside two other women, about what the government can do to improve the energy performance of privately rented homes as part of the Levelling Up agenda.

Lisa Evans

Senior Project Manager 

I have always been very proud to work for an organisation where we have had strong women in leadership roles and on the senior management team. I have worked for many years now with so many incredible, inspiration women at all levels and this is one of the reasons that I have stayed at CSE for so long.

Begona Chamorro-Ramos

Case Worker 

I’m Begona and I work as a caseworker helping people in vulnerable circumstances with energy related issues.

I have come from a background supporting women in vulnerable circumstances and use these skills in my current role as caseworker at CSE. I am proud to support woman throughout my work.

I really enjoy my role at CSE and I learn so much every single day.

There’s more information about International Woman’s day and why it’s needed on the BBC website.

Meanwhile, our friends at District Heating Divas shared this list of other opportunities to connect with other women in sustainability …

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  • Women in Social Housing : “a fun networking community offering encouragement and support for every woman, just like you.”
  • WISE Campaign : “celebrating women in STEM”

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