Home improvements for park homes in Somerset

26 January 2022

“My house takes a fraction of time to warm up now.”

CSE recently supported 28 low-income or vulnerable households across Somerset to get fully funded insulation and energy saving home improvements for their park homes, helping them keep their energy costs down and their homes warmer.

A park home is a detached bungalow-style home, often set in a private estate. Many of the residents our CSE team spoke to found their properties became very cold in the winter. They were spending a lot of money trying to keep their homes warm which being poorly insulated, lose a lot of heat very easily.

Most of the park homes we visited were not connected to mains gas, and relied on more expensive fuels for their heating systems, like oil, LPG or electricity. This, combined with a lack of adequate ventilation, contributed to damp, mould and condensation problems too.

Many of the park home residents are elderly, disabled or experiencing health problems. Cold homes are bad for people’s physical and mental health. NICE, which provides evidence-based guidance for NHS and social care professionals, recognises that living in a cold home will make most health conditions worse.

At CSE, we tackle the root causes of cold homes. This involves increasing people’s awareness of energy efficiency or helping to insulate or improve their home.

Working with the local councils, CSE delivered retrofit (building improvement) assessments for 28 park homes and co-ordinated the recommended improvements, making sure residents got the best insulation and energy efficiency measures for their individual home. In addition to this, our energy advisors provided free, simple energy advice to the residents on how to stay safe and warm at home.

Over three months, measures including external wall insulation, underfloor insulation, new windows and doors and ventilation upgrades were installed across 28 park homes within this project.

“I definitely notice that I’m not using as much heating and thoroughly recommend this scheme continues for those who qualify.” 

Being able to afford to keep warm in winter is a basic right for everyone. These improvements will help people be warmer and more comfortable at home, improve indoor air quality and reduce the amount of money spent to heat the property.

“I greatly appreciate the grant scheme and the work carried out thus far has certainly made a huge difference to the warmth on the interior.”

“I cannot thank you enough. I have only had my park home for 10 months but already feel the benefit of the insulation. Feeling cosy inside.”

This project was part of the Local Authority Delivery Scheme Phase 1b, funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. To find out more about the project, please contact Karn Shah

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