Annual Review and Accounts 2020-21

8 October 2021

At CSE, we understand the impact created in the world when we share knowledge and practical experience to empower people to change the way they think and act about energy.

That's why our Annual Report is always something we're excited to share, and you can read it in book form here or download a PDF.

Last year was unlike any other. Despite the challenges of Covid-19, we achieved so much throughout 2020-21, continuing an exciting period of growth alongside healthy financial results. Here are just a few highlights ...

Addressing the challenges of achieving net zero while leaving no one behind demands far more of what CSE does well. Meeting that growing demand is at the heart of our future strategy.

We’re grateful to the many organisations and individuals who engage positively with our work: taking our research findings on board, using our services, commissioning us, funding us, partnering with us or simply contacting us for information and support. It makes what we do possible.

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