CSE research cited in two significant policy documents

21 July 2021

The UK government has published two important documents, the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan 2021 and accompanying monitoring framework, an overview of BEIS and Ofgem's priorities in developing a smart system (following the previous plan published in 2018), and the energy digitalisation strategy, developed by BEIS, Ofgem and InnovateUK for how data can be digitalised across the energy system.

CSE’s influential work is referenced in both these publications. Our Smart and Fair? research exploring the transition to a net zero energy system is referenced in the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan (p 26, footnote 33) and the Energy Digitalisation Strategy features the Public Interest Advisory Group on Smart Meter Data we've been running for the last few years with Sustainability First and the strategy picks up on recommendations from the final report (see www.smartenergydatapiag.org.uk, phase 2 report).

Speaking about the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, our chief executive Simon Roberts said: “This is a welcome step forward, with much greater emphasis than previously on the importance of securing a smart energy system that also produces fair outcomes for all.

“The plan embraces the need to ensure widespread consumer participation in smart energy, the importance of fair prices and decent consumer protections, and the vital role for initiatives to involve and safeguard the most vulnerable consumers as the system changes towards net zero.

“This will require immediate and purposeful action by the government, Ofgem and the energy industry.”

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