Data Hub will provide raw material for decarbonisation in Birmingham

First release today ...

25 March 2021

Today (25 March 2021) sees the launch of an exciting data hub - a website which makes available a range of data sets including open data on housing, travel, waste, energy and emissions.

The website is easy to use, with some clever features to help with data visualisation. It's at

Datasets on the 3DHub include statistics on regional and sub-regional fuel poverty, air quality, electric car charging points, buildings emissions, cycle routes and more. It's all fully anonymised and meets latest privacy guidance and legislation.

"There's a lot of data already on there, and more will be uploaded in the weeks and months to come" said Bridget Newbery who is managing the project for CSE. "And we're open to requests for further datasets as well as suggestions for making use of them.

"The exciting thing is that we have no idea what people will use the data for. We're expecting to be surprised by the creative uses to which it will be put."

The data hub is a significant part of 3D an initiative to help decarbonise Birmingham in a decade (see project profile here). CSE will work alongside Birmingham City Council and the Birmingham Route to Zero Taskforce (R20 Taskforce) to support both city-wide and also local community projects using data to help reduce carbon emissions.

Training sessions have been scheduled to help people navigate the website - and share ideas about how the data could be applied. They are on 13 and 14 April, and 19 and 22 April respectively and are, of course, free of charge. For details of how to join, jump to the foot of this page.

And in May we're launching a funding competition offering more help and money to community groups using 3D data as part of their efforts to decarbonise Birmingham and the surrounding area. We'll be offering £100,000 to ten community-based low carbon initiatives. Again, check back here or sign up to the 3D newsletter to be sure to get details when we have them.

The 3D Data Hub is funded though the ICLEI Action Fund.

Training on how to use the 3D Data Hub

As noted above, CSE will be running a series of webinars and workshops to introduce stakeholders to the data hub and explore how they could work with the data from the 3D Data Hub to plan and deliver low carbon projects in Birmingham.

Workshop 1: Introducing the 3D data hub 

This workshop will provide an overview of 3D and a demonstration of the website and data hub. This will be an opportunity to get to know the hub a bit more, understand the different data categories and potential uses, and to raise any questions and provide feedback.

Please sign up to one of the following options:

This is just a short taster session; if you’d like to explore how the data could help you with your carbon reduction activities then come back for Workshop 2.

Workshop 2: Using the data 

This workshop will help you understand the possible use-case scenarios for the 3D data, and present case studies for potential project ideas. This will be useful for anyone thinking of applying to the Project 3D grant competition for low carbon community projects in Birmingham.

Please sign up to one of the following options:

As is normal nowadays, these sessions will be recorded and may be shared online. By attending these online events you agree that if you turn your camera on, or speak, you will be included in the recording. Breakout rooms will not be recorded.

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