Looking beyond the Green Homes Grant

PAS2030 and Trustmark: trump cards in consumer protection and householder trust

2 March 2021

"We'd urge builders not to focus on the Green Homes Grant and attendant difficulties" said Ian Preston, CSE's Head of Home Energy Services. "Look at the bigger picture, which is one of increasing householder demand for builders who get sustainable retrofit and can install low carbon heating systems, insulation, renewables, smart lighting and so on."

Ian was speaking in response to a slew of negative publicity surrounding the Green Homes Grant in recent weeks – representative examples being these articles in the BBC and Sun.

In response there's been some encouraging and significant calls by business, urging the Government to maintain the scheme, but so far no reassuring message from the Government. This has caused frustration for CSE staff working on Futureproof, and in particular the Skills & Certification Programme which focusses on getting builders and contractors registered (at a substantial discount) with PAS2030 – a prerequisite for undertaking work under the Green Homes Grant.

Unsurprisingly, given the well-publicised problems with the scheme and even suggestions that it might be withdrawn altogether, take-up from builders and contractors has been less than spectacular. Why spend time and money signing up for a programme whose future is far from certain?

But there's a wider context to consider, namely that the Government has made a commitment to delivering net-zero and low-carbon retrofit is a big part of that.

Ian added "If builders or installers want to be able to access future funding from either the Energy Company Obligation or Home Upgrade Grants (which we expect to follow the Green Homes Grant) then they will need to be PAS2030 accredited.

"PAS2030 accreditation is a badge of competence that householders can trust and offers reassuring consumer protection. If you want to get ahead of the game in sustainable retrofit, it's still going to be one of your trump cards, whatever happens to the Green Homes Grant."

The Futureproof Skills & Certification Programme not only offers discounted PAS2030 and Trustmark accreditation, but also sustainable-retrofit training for up to three team members by The Green Register. The training consists of ten 1-hour online modules covering the following topics: Introduction to Sustainable Building | Introduction to Building Physics | Introduction to PAS2035 | Assessing Retrofit | Lifecycle Analysis of Building Materials | External Wall Insulation | Internal Wall Insulation | Good Practice Ventilation | Integrating Building Services | Sustainable Water Use in Retrofit?.

For more details on the Futureproof Training & Certification Programme, go to The Green Register website here.

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