Subsidised low-carbon retrofit training

2 February 2021

Our low-carbon home retrofit project, Futureproof, has 50 heavily subsidised places on its online training course on whole house retrofit for unemployed people. It's aimed at builders and contractors, but others who have some site experience are welcome.

It costs just £100.

The course comprises ten 1-hour video training sessions which can be done from home and at a time that suits the learner. The training by provided by Futureproof project partners, The Green Register, a trusted, independent and nationally recognised organisation with 20 years’ delivery of expert training in sustainable construction.

The ten units of the Futureproof Essentials course are: 

  • Introduction to Sustainable Building
  • Introduction to Building Physics
  • Introduction to PAS2035
  • Assessing Retrofit
  • Lifecycle Analysis of Building Materials
  • External Wall Insulation
  • Internal Wall Insulation
  • Good Practice Ventilation
  • Integrating Building Services
  • Sustainable Water Use in Retrofit

The Green Register’s Charlotte Surrey, said “There’s a healthy demand out there for workers who understand low-carbon domestic retrofit, and we hope that this skilling-up offer is a bridge back into the trade for unemployed builders or contractors.”

>> You can apply and pay for the subsidised low-carbon retrofit training on The Green Register's website

This offer is part of a wider Futureproof Skills & Certification programme which includes the training outlined above along with certification in PAS2030:19 and Trustmark registration.


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