The climate emergency, local plans and you …

14 January 2021

We and the Town & Country Planning Association are seeking funding to encourage communities to engage with their council and its local plan in order to press for stronger climate-focussed policies.

CSE's Dan Stone is working on funding proposals. "There is much that the planning system can do to support the national effort to achieve a zero carbon future. But many local plans – where councils set out the planning policies which regulate how development takes place - don’t go nearly far enough and levels of public engagement are low."

Examples of the types of support that could be offered range from freephone and email support to help individuals respond to public consultations, to examples of best-practice policies from around the country that councils could adapt.

But in order to make successful approaches for funding we need evidence that the programme is needed - and that people with high levels of concern about climate change will engage with local planning policy-making if given the right support.

Please help us make the case by responding to this survey.

As Dan says: "Local councils revise their policies every five years and we all have a democratic right to make our views known and to influence these policies. We want to know how likely people are respond to your council’s local plan consultation, and if a programme of support will strengthen local democracy and make local plans more responsive to the climate emergency."

NB: Whilst some of the policies might be more widely applicable, the programme will be designed for the English planning system.

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