Carbon Literacy training for local authority elected members

4 December 2020

Local Authorities seeking to really embed their climate emergency declarations, demonstrate the need for ambitious carbon reduction strategies, and really engage their residents on the need for the net zero journey can now benefit from accredited training specifically designed for their elected members and senior leadership team. These online training days run by the director of CSE's Climate Emergency Strategic Support Programme, Rachel Coxcoon, are accredited by the Carbon Literacy Programme.

The training covers climate science, impacts and policy, as well as in-depth facilitated sessions on local impacts, action planning and communicating the climate emergency to residents and voters.

Rachel said "This course is appropriate for all councillors, whatever their political world view. By the end, elected members will be ‘carbon literate’, will understand the fundamental climate science that underpins the action their council is taking and be able to speak confidently and knowledgeably on the subject. Most importantly, they will understand how to talk about the climate crisis in a way that resonates with their voter base, and in a way that is authentic to their own political position."

Members of North Somerset council completed the training in November and Liverpool City Council’s elected members are currently taking part. Members from all political parties have found the experience to be very valuable indeed. Here's what some of them had to say:

  • “Thank you for a very thought provoking and useful day. It was excellent.”
  • “This has been great - really impressive and thought provoking”
  • “Excellent day all round, thanks for putting this together.”

For Cabinet members responsible for the climate portfolio, the training can be invaluable for building consensus:

“Having attended the Carbon Literacy course with a number of other cabinet members and elected members, I am confident that it has stuck with them. Colleagues are more eloquent and more committed than ever to local action and also asking more of central government. As an individual, myself and others have renewed energy to talk about the change that is needed, and embed it to our home lives and professional lives. I am delighted that I pushed hard for a full day training, didn’t compromise and ensured that we as a council took on this training.

Attending a training like this brings everyone onto the same page, we all get access to current accurate knowledge and can then push action forward through policy and decision making in our council. “ Councillor Bridget Petty, Executive Member for Climate Emergency & Environment, North Somerset Council

For more information, including about costs, or to book the training, please contact Rachel on

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