Extra support for NHS patients and staff

18 October 2020

As winter approaches, hospital admissions rise and demand for NHS services surges again, the mechanisms that ensure patients are discharged as soon as they’re well enough and with the support they need, are more vital than ever to ease the pressure.

Too many people leave hospital and return to homes that are unhealthily damp and cold, with broken or inadequate heating systems. This puts their health at risk and in many cases means they end up back in hospital - an outcome neither they nor the NHS wants.

To speed up the time it takes for patients to return home, CSE has been expanding our team of hospital-based caseworkers. Staff are now based out of Southmead, Bristol BRI, Weston Super Mare, Royal United Hospitals Bath, Swindon's Great Western Hospital and Salisbury District Hospital.

Our caseworkers work alongside hospital staff, from ward managers to occupational therapists, ensuring that, following their stay, patients have access to the right support and don’t go home to cold homes or poor heating systems.

The team check if patients are eligible for warm home discounts, sign them up for priority services in the case of power cuts, provide advice on energy and heating, debt and welfare as well as helping people access further support through partners like Citizens Advice or local councils.

North Bristol NHS Trust have been as thrilled as us about the success of the partnership – not only does the reduction in readmissions ease the pressure on NHS services, it also plays a crucial role in their sustainable development strategy to reach carbon neutral by 2030.

So thrilled in fact, that they made this video to promote the service to all staff and partners.

These hospital posts are supported through a variety of funders - Great Western Hospital is funded by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks; Salisbury District Hospital is funded by Wiltshire Council's Public Health team; Southmead, Bristol BRI, and Weston Super Mare are funded through the WHAM project by the Bristol Impact fund and Affordable Warmth Solutions CIC; Royal United Hospitals Bath is funded through the Energy Redress Scheme.

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