Green Homes Grant - first reaction ...

7 July 2020

The BBC reported today (7 July) that "Hundreds of thousands of homeowners will receive vouchers of up to £5,000 for energy-saving home improvements".

The scheme will launch in September as the Green Homes Grant and will pay at least two-thirds of the cost of home improvements that save energy, the Treasury said. It'll work via online applications for recommended energy efficiency measures, along with details of accredited local suppliers.

And the poorest households could receive more - up to £10,000 towards costs.

We've already received calls from the public asking for more information about this scheme, but all we know is what we can glean from the BBC and other news outlets.

Ian Preston, CSE's Head of Home Energy Services, said "It's good to see something happening in the home insulation and energy efficiency space. Once we know what the process is and what the grant covers – exactly what improvement measures are in and out of scope and the criteria for eligibility – we'll come back with a more detailed response."

In the meantime, people wishing to get a head start on making their homes more energy efficient would do well to check out Futureproof. This is our government-funded project to help householders make their homes fit for the future - healthier, comfortable all year round, easier and cheaper to keep warm.

Futureproof aims to take the confusion out of planning home improvements - the uncertainty and bewildering choice: what kind of insulation would work best for my home? What solutions will help me save energy? Which builder should I call and how can I be sure they'll do a good job?

Register with us, and let our team guide you through the process - working with you to make the best decisions for your home and budget, while also ensuring work is done to the high standard you expect.

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