Futureproof launches free training in sustainable construction

FREE on-site training in sustainable construction is now available for builders throughout the West of England

31 January 2020

Builders throughout the West of England have the opportunity to gain vital skills in sustainable domestic construction through Futureproof – an initiative that’s helping homeowners and builders carry out low-carbon home improvements and retrofits. Read more about the project here.

Free Futureproof toolbox talks are delivered peer-to-peer, by trained builders, directly on project sites, with a practical focus on key aspects of sustainable building practices, including airtightness, moisture control, low carbon heating and best practice insulation techniques.

The Futureproof initiative is run by CSE in partnership with The Green Register, and offers a service to homeowners who want to carry out sustainable home improvements, by providing advice and support to help them understand what solutions are best suited to their home, lifestyle and budget, and to maximise energy savings.

Futureproof also offers builders the opportunity to improve their general sustainable building knowledge through a series of workshops and training sessions. Those who complete the training are offered referral opportunities to the large Futureproof customer base of homeowners seeking their green building skills.

Builders can register their interest for Futureproof FREE toolbox training sessions in a range of topics at www.futureproof.uk.net/builders.

Watch this video explaining Futureproof training.

Green building skills are in higher demand than ever.

The UK Government has legislated for Net-Zero emissions by 2050, and the Committee on Climate Change have emphasised that this will involve a radical rethink of the energy efficiency of the 29m homes that already exist, as a matter of “national infrastructure priority”.

As we accelerate towards a sustainable, low-carbon future, builders and trades will need to understand sustainable materials and construction methods. Everyone, from heating engineers to carpenters, will need to know how to help our homes run more efficiently and use less energy: better insulated, well-ventilated homes that use less heating, water and electricity to reduce our carbon output.

Builders, particularly small SMEs, need all the support they can get in accessing training in these vital skills.

An accessible solution for local builders.

Futureproof is working with a growing number of builders, training them to deliver short, practical and free training sessions on the core topics below.

Builders across the West of England who are seeking to expand their understanding of low-carbon refurbishment can see the full list of training topics and register for free training at www.futureproof.uk.net/builders.

Futureproof training is offered by The Green Register, providers of expert training to construction professionals for two decades, helping firms transition from providing ‘normal’ home improvements to low carbon retrofit in their projects.

Get involved at www.futureproof.uk.net/builders or Email charlotte@greenregister.org.uk.

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