Welsh Government publish 2nd Smart Living Initiative report

3 July 2019

Today (4 July) in Cardiff, the Welsh Government will publish a report co-authored by CSE and AD Research & Analysis that describes the progress made so far by the Welsh Government’s Smart Living Initiative.

The report was produced for the Decarbonisation and Energy Division and reviews 20 ‘demonstrator’ projects which were set up to explore the concept of 'Smart Living'. The kinds of projects it looks at include the Caerau mine water scheme - in which warm water in disused coal mines is used to heat homes - to the development of ultra-low emissions vehicles in Cardiff, Monmouthshire and North Wales.

You can download the report here: 
Welsh version  |  English version

If this sounds familiar, it's because this is the second 'Annual Review of Progress and Learnings". The first was published 12 months ago after the first year of the Smart Living Initiative was complete.

CSE has been working with the Welsh Government on this agenda since 2015, and helped to co-design the Initiative. The latest Annual Review shows the progress that has been made, both in terms of work on the ground to decarbonise energy generation and build innovative systems, and in terms of learning about how to connect these developments up to become smart, and in the process deliver better services for people in places – with no one left behind in the transition.

Lesley Griffiths, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs, said: “Smart energy and smart living are very timely topics, particularly as we rise to the challenge of net zero carbon. I have accepted the advice of the UK Commitee on Climage Change to increase the ambition of our decarbonisation targets in Wales."

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