THERMOS ready to launch ...

11 June 2019

New software identifying the most feasible, environmentally and economically desirable options for urban district heating and cooling networks will be officially launched at the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels on 19 June.

THERMOS is a user-friendly, state of the art online energy system map and modelling tool that has been created by CSE in partnership with 14 other organisations from UK, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Denmark, Germany, Portugal and Romania (see foot of article for full list).

Funding for the project came from the €3m EC Horizon 2020 fund.

THERMOS offers local authorities address-level data for the optimised expansion of an existing system, the planning of an entirely new system, or assessing the performance of specific networks or non-networked solutions. It works with high-resolution spatial information, accurate and specific data and can be tailored to the financial, energy, climate change circumstances of the local authority involved.

CSE's Martin Holley is managing the project. He said "Using the software, energy planning authorities can circumvent costly, inaccurate and outsourcing of pre-feasibility studies. With a few minutes’ work they can whittle down an infinite set of possible networks to a small number of sensible candidates by modelling each one’s technical and economic performance.

"The software produces figures according to each user’s criteria for what constitutes an optimized solution, for example CO2 emissions, type of technology, local energy costs, or investment budget."

You can see Martin demonstrating THERMOS here.

Our partners include universities, local authorities and city-wide authorities, energy and environmental agencies and specialist consultants:

UK: Imperial College, LondonGreater London AuthorityLondon Borough of Islington; Spain: Creara Consultores SLAjuntament de Granollers; Poland: Krajowa Agencja Poszanowania Energii SAMiasto Stoleczne Warszawa; Latvia: Vides Investiciju Fonds SIAJelgavas DomeDenmark: Aalborg Universitet; GermanyICLEI European Secretariat GMBHDeutsche Energie-Agentur GMBH; Romania: Primaria Municipiului Alba Iulia; Portugal: Municipio de Cascais

For further information contact Martin Holley | 0117 934 1419

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