Partnership working event in Bath

16 April 2019

CSE's Elliot Clark is one of the speakers at an event run by Wessex Water and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks on 9 May in Bath.

The event looks at the benefits that arise when organisations such as utilities, local authorities and welfare services work in partnership to support customers in vulnerable circumstances. It is particularly aimed at bodies in Wiltshire and Dorset - local authorities, support services, health organisations, and other key stakeholders - whose customers or clients have extra communication needs or who be put at risk or severely inconvenienced if their water or electricity supply is cut off.

Eliot will be speaking about his experience of working at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon (read more about it here) which is a good case study of the benefits that accrue to patients when different organisations, in this case CSE and the NHS, work closely together. That work is funded by Wessex Water and SSEN because it refers patients who are being discharged from hospital to the two utilities' priority services register. The NHS benefits because fewer patients are going home to cold houses or to broken or inadequate heating systems that put their health at risk and may mean they end up back in hospital.

The event takes place at Wessex Water's Operations Centre at Claverton Down in Bath (pictured), and is free. For details and to book, click here.

As well as presentations and networking opportunities, the event will include workshops to seek views and identify ways in which Wessex Water and SSEN can work together to support their customers more effectively.

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