Two more years of support for WPD customers

4 April 2019

Great news! Western Power Distribution have awarded us the contract to deliver the Power Up advice hub for the South West for at least another two years.

Through the Advice Hub, CSE provides free energy advice to WPD customers on the Priority Services Register.

The PSR is there to give extra support to households in which someone is particularly at risk during a power cut - for example elderly people or young children, or those who have a long-term health issue that means they rely on electrical equipment like an oxygen machine or stairlift. Through Power Up CSE provides advice on income maximisation, tariff switching, insulation and heating measures as well as guidance on health and wellbeing.

Jamie Walters, who is managing the project at CSE, said “This contract extension is very welcome. Since we began the service in 2015 we've given bespoke energy advice to around 12,000 WPD customers, many of whom would find it difficult to access support due to health and mobility issues.

"This makes a real difference to their lives in terms of their health, their comfort, the warmth of their homes and the size of their gas and electricity bills. We look forward to helping a lot more people in the years to come."

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