£25k Wham boost ...

18 March 2019

CSE's WHAM fuel poverty project has been given a welcome boost by Bristol Energy who have given £25,000 to the initiative via its Fuel Good Fund - part of the company's commitment to tackling fuel poverty in the city. The fund takes "immediate and tangible action against fuel poverty" which affects 1 in 10 Bristol households.

WHAM was set up in 2017 by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, We Care and Repair and Talking Money to assist people with energy advice, debt advice and home repairs – all of which can be drivers for fuel poverty.

The project looks to help those on a particularly low income; single parents and unemployed people living in the private rented sector. The support given by the WHAM project helps vulnerable people live in healthier homes, whilst helping to alleviate mental health issues that can sometimes occur when living in poverty. Read the project profile here.

Lisa Evans is the WHAM project manager. "The £25,000 contribution from Bristol Energy will help us expand our team from two to three, meaning more hands-on support to vulnerable householders.

“In our first year [2017] we supported over 600 households, saving them over £141,000 on gas and electricity bills and helping many of them clear debt that they'd accumulated. With the extra pair of hands in the team we can support at least 50 additional vulnerable households in Bristol – providing home visits, helping with heating systems, housing conditions, bills and debt management”.

Marek Majewicz, Bristol Energy's interim managing director, said: “We're delighted to be donating the first tranche money from our Fuel Good Fund to the WHAM project. By working more collaboratively with Bristol based organisations, we hope to be able to reach the people that most need our support. No one should have to live in a cold damp home and be inundated with debt. Our fund will help to change that.”

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