Bright Green Future - Liverpool Training Weekend

15 March 2019

CSE’s Bright Green Future programme had a very busy start to March with an empowering training weekend (Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th) in Liverpool, hosted by the School for Social Entrepreneurs and attended by 35 young people (we call them 'BGF-ers') from both the 2018 and 2019 cohorts.

Training is a key element of the Bright Green Future programme that gives our young people the tools and knowledge to make change, create a different world and help them become the environmental leaders of tomorrow. The aim of the weekend was primarily to open-up the young people's eyes to the wider aspects of sustainability, such as social enterprises, to get them thinking about their ‘ikagai’ (purpose) and enable them to match their values with sustainability.

The event was also an opportunity for our young people to connect with like-minded people from across the country and create a new network of powerful young change-makers.

The weekend began with a friendly welcome, good food and an introduction to our hosts, the School for Social Entrepreneurs. The room was soon buzzing with creative energy as the BGF-ers got stuck into their first workshop of the weekend, using social enterprise to achieve a UN Sustainable Goal of their choice.

Day 2 was similarly filled with energy, creativity and empowerment. Our first stop was Squash cafe, a social enterprise and Liverpool institution that promotes creative health education through workshops, events and training. Here we experienced multiple workshops, along with a vibrant vegan lunch. A highlight for everyone was a workshop by Heather Knight of Urbed, Manchester-based the design and research consultancy, who asked us to think about what community means to us and what makes a ‘good’ community. This lead to an inspiring session in which the young people broke off into groups and created their ‘ideal high streets’, where sustainability was a key focus with many banning cars and creating green roofs on all high street buildings.

The remainder of the weekend was filled with equally inspiring, empowering and energising stories of social enterprise, workshop sessions and even a performance at the famous Everyman Theatre by 50 local young people. You can read more about the weekend through the eyes of Taryn in our newly launched blog. Here's a taste:

“My eyes have been opened to opportunities and possibilities - the weekend gave me a glimpse into the alternative careers I could enter into. I can do something that I love. I can do something that helps people. I can do something that fulfils me. It’ll take passion and hard work and creativity and risk-taking and setbacks but if I’m resilient and persistent and brave, I can shape the future I want for myself and others.

"Life is about making the most of what we have. Life is about making connections with other people. Life is about collaboration and sharing ideas and working together to create something that benefits us as a local or national or global community.”

Bright Green Future is currently recruiting for its new cohort which will begin in September 2019. More information and the online application form can be found on the Bright Green Future website. Applications will close on 17 June 2019.

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