Warmer Bath: still a hot favourite ...

24 October 2018

We received a very nice communication from a reader of the website recently about our June 2011 publication Warmer Bath, our guide to improving the energy efficiency of traditional homes (e.g. dating from before around 1919).

This is what they wrote:

"I just wanted to say thank you for making the Warmer Bath book available as a free download. We've just moved to a rather cold and draughty listed Edwardian house in the Scottish Borders and have been looking for advice on how to make it warmer and easier to heat.

"I read your Warmer Bath book from cover to cover at the weekend and found it extremely helpful as a guide to what's possible and practical in older buildings. It's the best information I've found on this subject and is very readable and clearly explained."

It's always extremely gratifying to receive positive feedback like this. It's why we make our materials freely available.

Warmer Bath is one of our all-time most popular resources with 10,000 downloads since February 2015 when we installed our download counter.

And as our correspondant noted, the book is relevent to all older properties, not just those in Bath. It has chapters on windows, draught-proofing, ventilation, insulation, heating systems, solar energy, planning permission and more.

And it is, indeed, engagingly written. We'll leave you with a line or two from the chapter on appliances:

"The Georgian and Victorian households of Bath managed quite well without washing machines, televisions, fridges and tumble dryers. Today, however, most of us manage quite well without domestic servants."

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