Tariff search helped client to save over £1,000 in energy bills

25 September 2018

As winter approaches and the 'heating season' begins, it's worth considering if you're paying over the odds for your gas and electricity.

Lots of us could save significant amounts of money by switching supplier or tariff.

Lorna, one of our team of energy advisors, recently did a tariff check for a client and found she could save an estimated £1,219 a year off her energy bills. The client's bill is large for various reasons, but this still represents a significant saving.

"This is the highest amount I've ever managed to save anyone," said Lorna. "The caller said that she didn’t see the point in discussing switching because although her bills were high and that was that and there was nothing to be done. I encouraged her to stick with me and when we finally did a tariff check it revealed that she could save this considerable sum. We were both astonished!

"So many people stick with 'the gas board' or 'SWEB' or whatever and never switch, and they're taken advantage of, frankly."

"It's possible that in the end her saving won't be quite the £1,219 that the search results suggest," added Lorna, "but it'll be approaching that and will still make a huge difference to her."

Find out more about switching on our energy advice site.

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