OpenLV web app goes live with open data from local electricity networks

20 September 2018

Seven community groups and organisations are taking part in innovative trials for OpenLV, by being given access to real-time data on local electricity networks.

The OpenLV Solution (LV-CAP™) is a software platform being installed in selected substations across the Western Power Distribution area which makes it possible for substation data to be collected and transmitted in real time. We're working with community organisations to make data available to support a range of community projects.

With input from the participating groups, an app has been developed by CSE's Andrew Gonnet and successfully deployed on the LV-CAP™ platform in the last month which communicates data to a cloud server. This in turn sends messages to a web based tool (with core functionality developed by us in order to save seven groups doing this separately) that allows each participating group to configure settings to meet their particular needs and make use of the substation data.

The trial participants all intend to raise understanding and awareness of electricity use in their communities, with a range of innovative ideas being developed for using the data. These include exploring potential for community microgrids, time of use tariffs, and flexibility services; looking for solutions to capacity issues (which in some situations currently prevent additional technologies being added to the substation); changing behaviour so that people use electrical appliances more or less at certain times of day, and installing more low carbon technologies (such as electric vehicles, solar PV, battery storage).

We’re looking forward to the next phase of the project as the community organisations start to make use of the data and bring their projects to life! You can read more about the participating groups here.

OpenLV is a ground-breaking project that’s making local electricity data openly available for the first time ever, to benefit local communities and the wider energy industry. OpenLV is led by project partners Western Power Distribution and EA Technology. It is funded by Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition. CSE is leading the community engagement, to support communities to access their local electricity data for local benefit.

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