Annual Report 2017-18

17 September 2018

Our Annual Report and financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2018 is here.

The annual review highlights our work during 2017-16 in relation to the five priority areas for action set out in our 2017 three-year strategy:

  1. No one suffers a cold home. 
  2. Everyone empowered to take action and support sustainable energy. 
  3. Every building low carbon and liveable.
  4. Places shaped for sustainable energy.
  5. A rapidly decarbonising energy system that works for everyone.

CSE's chief executive, Simon Roberts OBE, said "This sharing of knowledge and practical experience is central to CSE’s mission; doing it well enables others to take action more readily and thus increases our impact and accelerates change."

The image below shows the usual 'year in the life' spread – a feature of our annual reviews for the past few years.

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