Extra funding for Warm & Safe Wiltshire

30 August 2018

We’re pleased to have received extra funding from Wiltshire Council who were successful in an application to National Grid's Warm Homes Fund to expand the services we offer through Warm & Safe Wiltshire. We’ll use it to try to reach fuel poor households who are not connected to the gas network.

Paul Winney, CSE’s lead on the project explained why we’ll be targeting people living off-gas: “Approximately 110,000 households in Wiltshire are not connected to the gas grid. Using non-gas fuels to heat your home (such as electric radiators, LPG heaters or oil-fuelled boilers) is typically more expensive and less efficient. By connecting these households up with funding for insulation or new central heating systems we hope to be able to make a real difference for people who are struggling to keep warm.”

We will also be using the extra funding to strengthen the referral networks the service has with other organisations working in the area. We’ll be working with health practices in the county to make sure that people who have been discharged from hospital who are living in a cold home get linked up with support that could help them.

Warm and Safe Wiltshire offers all residents across the county free and impartial energy saving advice covering topics such as:

  • Insulation, heating and draft proofing
  • Guidance on using heating systems and controls
  • Issues with damp and condensation
  • Understanding fuel bills
  • Switching energy suppliers and fuel tariffs to keep bills affordable
  • Dealing with fuel debt
  • Accessing financial support for new heating systems or insulation

It also offers a comprehensive fire safety check.

We run the Warm & Safe Wiltshire energy saving advice service on behalf of Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Councils and in partnership with Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue.

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