Could your community produce an energy-use app?

OpenLV is open for expressions of interest

4 December 2017

OpenLV is a new project which makes low voltage (LV) substation data – i.e. information on local electricity demand – available for others to use in ways that result in energy savings and local substation ‘load management’.

We are inviting community groups to come up with novel ideas for using this data, in the form of an app or in any other way - see examples below.

We're looking for 3-4 community groups to participate in the trials.

The application process is open from (today) 4 December 2017 to 22 January 2018, and the ‘Guidance for Applicants’ and ‘Application Form’ documents can be downloaded from the communities section of the OpenLV website.

For the selected communities, local consultation and app design workshops will take place in spring 2018, with software development taking place over the summer. Trials of the apps will officially launch in September 2018.

For more information, contact Rachel Coxcoon.

Possible ideas might include:

Community electricity consumption display
An app that provides real-time and engaging feedback of community electricity consumption – on a public display or people's own computers or mobile phones – for general awareness raising. 

Alert systems
An app that notifies you (e.g by text) when substation demand is particularly high or low, or when the electricity supply is high or low carbon, so you can e.g. run a washing machine or charge a car at the optimum time.

Building an electricity use profile for your area:
An app to build a database of demand data from a substation to provide a better estimate of headroom and the associated costs and benefits of connecting new renewable generation to the substation.

Open LV is hosted by Western Power Distribution and funded by Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition.

* WPD's network area covers the Southwest of England, South Wales and the East and West Midlands.

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