Annual Report 2016-17

24 November 2017

Our Annual Report and financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2017 is here.

The annual review highlights our work during 2016-17 in relation to the five priority areas for action set out in our 2014 three-year strategy:

  1. People enabled, supported, and willing to act for change.
  2. Communities empowered to take action and shape their neighbourhoods for sustainable energy.
  3. A decent, trustworthy low carbon housing refurbishment ‘system’.
  4. Better tools, evidence and policy for sustainable energy, locally and nationally.
  5. Energy justice – fairness and justice in the delivery of UK sustainable energy goals.

CSE's chief executive, Simon Roberts, said "Sharing our knowledge and practical experience is central to CSE’s mission. Sharing freely what we know makes it easier for others to take effective action and so multiplies our impact on climate change and fuel poverty and accelerates the change we want to make."

The image below shows the usual 'year in the life' spread – a feature of our annual reviews for the past few years.

CSE annual review and accounts, 2017

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