Bristol Sustainable Energy Research Fund launches

2 November 2017

Update, March 2018: Thanks to everyone who applied. This fund is now closed and will hopefully reopen for Round 2 in November 

Academic researchers investigating the link between people and energy have a new fund to which they can apply for financial support. This follows the launch today of the Bristol Sustainable Energy Research Fund (BSERF) with an open call for applications.

The fund is looking to award grants of up to a maximum of £5,000 for research that contributes to the development of a more sustainable, equitable and democratically accountable energy system in the South West of England.

"We're thrilled to be launching BSERF in partnership with Bristol Energy Cooperative, said CSE's Rachel Coxcoon. "We've designed the fund to support research activity on the topic of 'people and energy' but that might range from research into fuel poverty policy to sparking community energy action and anything in between".

Potential applicants can find further information and an application form at the BSERF website:

The fund is open to experienced researchers at postdoctoral level and above and applicants do not have to be based in South West England, so long as their research outcomes are relevant and applicable in that region.

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