OpenLV launch in October

30 August 2017

OpenLV – the groundbreaking £6m project that will make electricity substation data available to the energy industry, community groups and app developers – is launching on 5 October in London.

You can read more about this project here.

The launch is part of Western Power Distribution (WPD)'s Balancing Act Conference which looks at upcoming challenges to the low voltage (LV) network as the decarbonisation of the UK electricity grid gathers pace.

Subjects for discussion include the the impact of this on the grid from the expected rapid increase in the number of electric vehicles, the electrification of heat and what can be learned so far from WPD's on-going electricity-storage trials.

As well as getting the latest of OpenLV, attendees can also learn about Electric Nation, the world’s largest electric vehicle trial being undertaken by WPD and EA Technology. The trial seeks to understand more about the pressures on the domestic (LV) electricity network at peak times as the number of electric cars rises.

Be part of Electric Nation
The trial is seeking 500-700 people interested in buying or leasing a new electric vehicles. Participants will get a free smart charger that they can keep after the trial finishes. If you want take part, check the Electric Nation website for details. You need to be in the WPD region (South West England, South Wales, Midlands).

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