’The next one million’ gets airing on Radio 4

8 August 2017

CSE's chief executive, Simon Roberts, was on Radio 4's Today programme this morning (8 August), along with CSE trustee Catherine Mitchell, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Exeter.

They were featured on a short piece by the BBC's Environment and Energy Analyst, Roger Harrabin, looking at domestic energy use. Roger went to Bristol and, to background noise of building work and barking dogs, spoke to some "comfortably-off pensioners" who were having the exterior of their home insulated with a breathable, wood fibre material.

While Catherine Mitchell extolled the virtues of EU legislation for reducing the average UK energy bill and domestic carbon emissions, Simon stressed that current UK energy policy was "paralysed" by the perceived difficulty of retrofitting every UK home.

Forget seeking a grand solution, says Simon. What the government needs to do is stimulate interest among both householders and the building trade on a local level and just focus on 'the next 1,000,000 homes. "If we can bring together householders who want to make their homes low carbon and builders who can do the work, then you can change the whole dynamic of how our housing gets retrofitted."

You can hear the piece here (forward to 2:50:16).

Read more about Simon's 'next-one million' approach here.

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