THERMOS project heats up with a new website

12 May 2017

In October 2016 we kicked off THERMOS, a multi-national, EU-funded project to optimise the planning of new heat networks. The aim of the project is to provide the methods, data, and tools to enable fast and effective planning for complex thermal energy networks.

A key part of this is creating open source and freely available modelling software, and comprehensively testing the application with pilot cities before widely disseminating the project outputs. To this end, the project now has its own website, designed and built in-house by CSE (and soon to be available in nine different languages).


"We want the process of planning a new district heating or cooling system to be transparent and cost-effective. An important part of making that happen is linking up the experiences of planners in different cities and countries, so that the lessons from one locale can be shared and expanded on amongst others. The website will, in the future, be a useful hub for sharing this information." said Martin Holley, CSE's project manager.

The launch of the new site coincided with the second project meeting in Granollers, Spain. Martin and Joshua Thumim (project coordinator) travelled there by train to participate. Granollers is one of the THERMOS pilot cities and participants were taken to see one of the town's seven industrial sites to get a sense of the opportunities and challenges of planning for district heating in Granollers.

Take a look at the new site here.

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