New report highlights a clear route for successful district heating projects

20 April 2017

A new research report, District heating: Delivering affordable and sustainable energy, published by Changeworks and written in partnership with CSE explores the experience of social housing providers with district and community heating systems. CSE’s lead on the project, Dr Nick Banks said the report was an important step in understanding both the opportunities and challenges that social housing landlords face when installing heat networks.

Four factors are critical for a sustainable and affordable system:

  1. Building robust community and stakeholder buy-in
  2. Ensuring effective metering and monitoring so that landlords thoroughly understand system performance
  3. Using the technology at a sufficient scale to realise benefit
  4. Financing schemes in a way that does not require residents to pay high standing charges and unit prices

More information about the research is available on Changeworks' website, along with the full report. Or, read our project page about the research. This research was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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