National Heat Map address-level data

Extension for local authorities until March 2018

10 April 2017

The address-level data underlying the National Heat Map - commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and created by CSE back in 2010 - is available to local authorities in order to aid in the planning of low carbon heat distribution networks.

(The aim of the Heat Map is to boost the take up of heat networks in England through the provision of web-based maps of heat demand by area. You can read more about the heatmap itself at

How to request the data

If you're a local authority and you want to receive the data for your area you need to a) fulfil some licensing conditions and b) pay an administration fee to CSE to cover the time it takes us to sort out the data and check the license details.

Data can be requested by individual local authorities or groups of local authorities. In the latter case, one local authority should be appointed as the 'lead applicant' and main point of contact, responsible for passing on the data to the other authorities in the group, making sure that the relevant PSMA licence is in place with each of them and confirming that they have all agreed to handle the data in line with the requirements of the Data Sharing Agreement.

Local authorities can pass the heat map data on to their contractors as long as a PSMA contractor licence form is in place.

If you would like to request the National Heat Map data, please complete the following and send them to us at

Data Request Form
Data Sharing Agreement
Amendment to Data Sharing Agreement
OS Contractor Form Licence

Local authorities are allowed to hold the data until the end of March 2018, after which time they may be required to delete it from their systems. In sections 6a and 6b of the data sharing agreement, you are asked to specify the number of months you will hold the data for. Please ensure that the number of months you specify here does not take you beyond the end of March 2018.


The administration fee is £210 +VAT per request.

For Public Sector Mapping Agreement members, the licensing of these from 1st April 2015 will be covered under the PAF Public Sector Licence (PSL). PSMA members all have this licence unless they have opted out.

More important info

The National Heat Map Data Guide gives a description of the heat map data, its sources and its limitations.

Visualisations of the data can be made and published, but the address-level data must not be made publically available.

Please note that any published work based on the heat map data must contain a copyright statement referencing the original source - the correct format to use is included in the Data Guide above.

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