Helping smart energy work for Londoners

CSE appointed by Greater London Authority to explore challenges and opportunities

6 April 2017

What needs to be done to realise the opportunities of smart energy in London in ways which serve the interests of its citizens and businesses?  That’s the question which the Greater London Authority (GLA) has recently commissioned CSE to answer.

The 10-week project will help the GLA and other stakeholders across London to:

  • Understand the current state of smart energy activities in London
  • Explore the future opportunities and challenges of smart energy in London
  • Draw up strategic priorities for London in applying smart energy approaches (e.g. reduce energy demand and costs, tackle fuel poverty etc.)
  • Consider the range of options for action, particularly by the Mayor and the GLA, to realise the opportunities.

The work will build on the understanding and insights gained from CSE’s leadership of the Bristol Smart Energy City Collaboration, applying them in a new city setting with its own challenges, opportunities, and governance structures. As with our Bristol work, a key focus will be addressing the challenges of delivering smart energy initiatives that genuinely serve the city’s interests. We will also be working with the GLA and other stakeholders to develop road maps which detail the steps which need to be taken in the city over the next 10 years, including, vitally, ‘the first next steps’. CSE will be supported in the project by Liz Warren from SE2 and Syed Ahmed from Energy for London.

CSE’s Chief Executive, Simon Roberts, will be leading the project and has said: “Realising a smarter energy future which truly reflects London’s interests and objectives will require purposeful effort – because the current market trajectory isn’t heading in that direction. This project provides a great opportunity for London – led by the Mayor and the GLA – to define and initiate that purposeful effort.”

Daniel Barrett, Lead – Smart Energy & Innovation, at the GLA commented that: "One of the key proposals in the Mayor’s new Environment Strategy for delivering a zero carbon London is Energy for Londoners. Energy for Londoners is the Mayor’s approach to energy and climate change mitigation, which aims to cut London’s carbon emissions and help Londoners out of fuel poverty. I’m excited to be working with CSE, SE2 and Energy for London to get London on the right track to zero carbon."

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