Time to switch – say no to npower price hike

7 February 2017

Npower caused outrage last week when it announced price rises of 15% for electricity and 4.8% for gas. They will affect around half of npower's 2.8 million customers and mean an extra £109 on household bills. It is reported that British Gas has a hefty 9% increase in the pipeline, and EDF announced their own price rise in December that will appear on bills in March.

"These are price hikes you can avoid by switching," said CSE's Justin Bear. "Npower's is the largest of any from a big six supplier since 2013. We think it's excessive, and you have to wonder why would anyone would remain a customer after this."

The move has prompted the government to threaten to further regulate the energy industry to protect consumers against unreasonable costs.

CSE's energy-advice line is gearing up for a high volume of calls in response to the latest price increases. "There are many people out there who've never switched supplier, and the industry is taking advantage of this," said Justin. "Our message is that if you're concerned about the rising cost of your energy bills, take your custom elsewhere. It's quick and easy to switch, and if your new supplier raises prices, switch again!"

This page on our advice site has more information about switching and getting the best from your energy supplier.

Npower's price rises will affect customers who their Standard Variable Tariff, with some exemptions for vulnerable households. If you believe you should be exempt from the price increase on the grounds of vulnerability, you should contact npower directly.

CSE's Home Energy Team offers free over-the-phone energy advice to residents in Bristol and Somerset and works with partners across the whole of the South West on local energy advice programmes. If you live in Bristol or Somerset you can also call us freephone on 0800 082 2234.

Photo: Carl Spencer

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