Launch of Healthy Homes Dorset

23 January 2017

Dorset residents may now be able to access free insulation improvements under the Healthy Homes Dorset programme. This service is funded by Public Health Dorset, designed and managed by Dorsetc ouncil and delivered by the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Evolve Home Energy Solutions.

The programme will support residents who are vulnerable to the health effects of living in a cold home. Cold homes exacerbate many health conditions as well as having a detrimental effect on people’s emotional and mental wellbeing. By improving the energy efficiency of houses through insulation the programme hopes to make a substantial contribution to making all Dorset's homes healthy and comfortable.

Both loft and cavity wall insulation are available under the programme.

Paul Simpson, Sales and Commercial Director at Evolve Home Energy Solutions, has highlighted this aspect of the programme:  “At Evolve HES we understand how important a warm home can be to people. Our experienced surveying and installations team always aim to ensure the highest standards of workmanship and customer satisfaction. We are delighted to be working across Dorset within this important partnership and seeing the real impact that Healthy Homes Dorset will make to many people.”

In addition to the free insulation services, Healthy Homes Dorset will offer expert advice and support to residents on how to keep their home warm, save money on energy bills, and reduce damp, mould and condensation in their homes. The programme will also ensure that residents are gaining the maximum benefit from their energy tariff and supplier and offer support on switching.

Healthy Homes Dorset will meet many of the recommendations from the NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidance on preventing illness and premature deaths by tackling cold homes, including the provision of a single-point-of-contact referral service. This simplifies the referral procedure and ensures that as many eligible people as possible are reached by the service.

Phillip Morris, CSE’s lead on the programme, has said: “Our aim is to ensure that not only do we support people with free loft and cavity wall insulation, but also that we make the most of any contact we have with Dorset residents to provide them with all the support that is available to them to make their home a warmer, healthier place to live.”

Those interested in support from the programme should call 0300 003 7023 or visit the website at

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