120,000 fuel poor households in Bristol, Somerset, Wilts, South Glos

Fuel poverty and poor housing by parliamentary constituency

17 October 2016

As winter approaches, we've been looking at the number of people living in fuel poverty and the extent of poor housing (specifically homes rated F or G) in our region. We've broken the figures down by parliamentary constituency across the part of the UK where we do most of our work: Bristol, Somerset (both county and unitary authorities), South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

It makes sober reading. Toby Bridgeman crunched the numbers. "Our calculations show that at least 120,000 households will spend the winter in fuel poverty, unable to heat their homes to an extent that most of us would take for granted, and possibly suffering poor health as a result.

"Many of these people will be living in homes that are simply not up to standard. F and G rated homes are difficult to heat adequately, uncomfortably cold and frequently damp. We think there are upwards of 56,000 such homes in our region.

We'll be writing to the MPs for all these constituencies reminding them of the extent of the problem in their patch - and that CSE is set up to support their constituents who are struggling with high energy bills or cold homes.

Click here to go to our energy advice site for householders. 

Estimated number of fuel poor households in constituency (% of households)
Bristol East: 5,312 (12.3%)
Bristol North West: 5,171 (11.8%)
Bristol South: 6,650 (13.7%)
Bristol West: 8,983 (15.9%)
Bath: 6,085 (15.3%)
North East Somerset: 4,118 (10.9%)
North Somerset: 4,022 (9.1%)
Weston-super-Mare: 5,154 (10.6%)
Bridgwater and West Somerset: 6,566 (13.6%)
Somerton and Frome: 6,839 (14.4%)
Taunton Deane: 5,580 (11.3%)
Yeovil: 5,856 (12.1%)
Wells: 5,148 (11.0%)
Chippenham: 4,086 (9.6%)
Devizes: 6,163 (15.3%)
North Swindon: 4,160 (8.7%)
North Wiltshire: 4,787 (12.8%)
Salisbury: 4,965 (12.1%)
South Swindon: 4,977 (11.0%)
South West Wiltshire: 5,874 (13.4%)
Filton and Bradley Stoke: 3,542 (8.9%)
Kingswood: 3,324 (8.8%)
Thornbury and Yate: 3,931 (11.2%)
Total of all constituencies: 121,293
National average (10%)

Estimated number of homes rated F or G in constituency (% of homes)
Bristol East: 964 (2.4%)
Bristol North West: 2,031 (4.9%)
Bristol South: 889 (2.0%)
Bristol West: 3,518 (6.7%)
Bath: 2,340 (5.8%)
North East Somerset: 2,352 (7.3%)
North Somerset: 2,275 (5.3%)
Weston-super-Mare: 2,488 (5.3%)
Bridgwater and West Somerset: 5,959 (11.9%)
Somerton and Frome: 5,433 (11.9%)
Taunton Deane: 3,730 (7.3%)
Yeovil: 3,638 (7.6%)
Wells: 4,137 (8.3%)
Chippenham: 1,036 (2.5%)
Devizes: 3,693 (10.7%)
North Swindon: 154 (0.4%)
North Wiltshire: 2,242 (6.7%)
Salisbury: 2,528 (6.8%)
South Swindon: 539 (1.3%)
South West Wiltshire: 3,066 (7.7%)
Filton and Bradley Stoke: 1,111 (2.8%)
Kingswood: 312 (1.0%)
Thornbury and Yate: 1,761 (6.1%)
Total of all constituencies: 56,196?
National average (5%)

By coincidence, Shelter has yesterday (16 October) released a report claiming that four in 10 British homes are not up to standard. The housing charity’s ‘living home standard’ aims to be a kind of living wage for housing, and is not the same as the A-G rating referred to above.

Ian Preston said "Shelter's report is excellent and timely. It adds much-needed heft to the campaign to improve the UK's notoriously energy inefficient and run-down housing stock."

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