Bristol’s Healthy City Week (15-22 Oct)

13 October 2016

Bristol's Healthy City Week (15-22 Oct) kicks off this Friday.

The aim of this initiative is to inspire everyone in the city to achieve healthier lifestyles. Over 150 activities and events taking place during the week to get people walking, swimming, eating well, de-stressing, kayaking, volunteering, cycling, gardening, yoga-ing, socialising, dancing, learning, making, hobby-ing and ... er, skipping!

CSE is one of dozens of Bristol organisations taking part. Our specific interest is around the link between good health and warm homes.

Ian Preston said. "For several years now, CSE has been working within the local NHS structure to understand the connection between health and housing - or more particularly the negative health impacts on people living in cold and damp conditions."

You can read an example of our work in this area here.

Our first engagement is at a networking event organised by Bristol Community Health at the wonderful Trinity Centre on 20 October. This is chiefly to meet other organisations in and around the city working in the community/preventive health sector and find ways of collaboration and better working (plus to mark BCH's fifth birthday!).

On the same day we'll be at Southmead Hospital chatting with staff and visitors about what they can do to make homes healthier places.

And finally on Friday 21st, we'll be at the Healthy City Week Expo at Bristol Heart Institute, part of the newly renovated Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Healthy City Week is part of Bristol Green Capital Partnership.

To see all Healthy City Week events, download the programme of events here.

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