Where do I go for community energy resources?

You go to The Source, ...

22 September 2016

The Source is our online collection of the best community energy guides and toolkits. And, in one of her last contributions before she leaves CSE to take up a job with Oxfam, Heather Crane has given The Source its annual update, adding new content, removing old stuff and improving the categorisation. 

It's full of great resources for community energy groups covering everything from ... well, why not just take a look yourself. You can also open The Source by clicking on the tab on the header this website.

"Thousands of people a year download material from The Source," said Heather, "and we get great feedback about the resource from community groups. We hope they find it even more useful now."

If you find the materials on The Source helpful, we'd love to know. Contact us on communities@cse.org.uk.


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