Considering a project to tackle fuel poverty?

Advice and resources to get you started

30 June 2016

Our Local energy team receive a lot of requests for support to run projects that address fuel poverty. Fortunately, we have loads of resources to share to help get projects underway.

That’s why we’ve created a one-page ‘pathway’ document to guide anyone considering a new project through their first steps.

Rachel Haycock responds to enquiries we receive from local and community groups. She said:

“It's always heartening to hear that people want to come together to tackle fuel poverty in their area. There are lots of ways to do this. For example, you can install improvements, give advice locally, or carry out door to door surveys so people are aware of the changes they can make – many of which are low cost or free of charge."

Rachel noticed many people were looking for the same advice and compiled the summary in response to this.

“Most groups need to take the same first steps to decide which approach is appropriate for their area and their group's capacity. This document runs through those steps,” she added.

One of the resources we've highlighted is our Coping with Cold series – four short films produced to highlight the main causes and impacts of fuel poverty. Below is a film from this series:

There are links to various films, toolkits, guidance sheets, videos and case studies in the pathway document, which is split into three sections:

  1. Background reading and viewing to help you understand your local area, the issue of fuel poverty, and some of the solutions.
  2. How to carry out a basic assessment of your area – this links to exercises that will improve your knowledge of the sort of home energy improvements that are appropriate for local housing, and a tool to help you determine whether a household is fuel poor.
  3. Planning an approach, which is separated into three strands: get informed, home energy audits, and fuel poverty support.

For anyone considering a new project, it's well worth perusing.

If you have any questions, or would like to put in touch with similar projects, please drop us a line at

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