Give advice on energy efficiency in heritage buildings

We can tailor training for your organisation

16 June 2016

Last month our Anna Watts and Dan Stone, together, ran a half-day training session for 13 of CSE’s energy advisors on energy efficiency in heritage buildings.

It proved a very useful opportunity to build and reflect on our current advice relating to this, with feedback that "the real life examples were especially helpful."

If you are interested in similar training for your group or organisation, please call Anna Watts on 0117 934 1400.

The session was on advising customers who live in older (pre-1910) properties, and covered:

  • Understanding heritage properties and protected buildings, and how they differ from modern buildings
  • Energy efficiency in older buildings, and how to take a ‘whole house’ approach
  • Dangers and risks to an older building if you get it wrong
  • What to consider when giving advice – key points to cover

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