Preventing illness by tackling cold homes: review

A look at one of CSE’s flagship projects of 2015

9 June 2016

Of the many projects CSE undertook last year (2015) one of the most significant was Preventing Illness by Tackling Cold Homes (PITCH).

Funded by Bristol Green Capital as part of the city’s year as European Green Capital the aim was to engage the health service in Bristol at all levels (and within all organisations that make up the Bristol health service) so that preventing the detrimental health impacts linked to cold homes became a recognised component of the local approach to healthcare.

This was all linked to the introduction of National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance on Excess winter deaths and illness and the health risks associated with cold homes, published in March 2015. This guidance, which CSE was involved in developing, sets out recommendations on why and how the health service should engage with efforts to make our homes less cold and less damp.

A report of the work carried out under this project can be downloaded here.

Phillip Morris said: "Interventions to tackle cold homes can make a big difference to people’s lives. Yet despite this, and despite the publication of the NICE guidance, we are not yet at a point where tackling cold homes is a health service priority or even on the public health agenda in many areas of the country.

"Through PITCH, we have made good progress over the year in raising the profile of this issue and established the partnerships required to create a true single-point-of-contact cold homes referral service.

"While this has resulted in some really positive changes, we now need to make the best practice we have seen commonplace, and help ensure that cold homes interventions become a core part of preventative health care in Bristol."

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